€ 1,000 education benefits for all your employees

Furthering education during your career is necessary to remain employable in the labour market. For everyone who works in transport and logistics there is a personal education budget available. By means of this budget, your employees can attend various numbers of study programs and courses. Which are focussed on work-related topics and personal development.

Conditions on educational benefits

In order to receive the education benefits, employees have to meet the following conditions:

1. Contributes to the SOOB development and education fund;
2. Has a temporary or permanent contract of at least 30* hours per week (contractual employees of a staffing agency are not eligible for the education fund).

* Deviations can be made in some cases. For more information contact the Pitstop advisors.


  • Employees need to apply for the education benefits him/herself;
  • Employers can encourage the employee to attend a course but cannot make this compulsory.

Examples of study programs

Learn a new language Transport planner
How to deal with feedback Truck mechanics
Conflict management training First Aid diploma course
Management training Improve your computer skills
Course in legal skills Start your own company

Duration of a study program, training or course

  • A course or training can last one or more days and generally takes place during working hours;
  • It is possible to do an MBO or HBO study in the evening or on Saturday;
  • Employees can follow multiple programs.

Not compensated courses

  • Training courses which are already compensated by the SOOB sector's development and training fund (with the exception of courses for a career or job change);
  • Code 95 courses;
  • Training courses with a high hobby or private character.

The first € 1,000 is covered

The employee receives a 100% reimbursement of the costs up to  € 1,000. Above  € 1,000, the reimbursement reduces from 50% to 25%, to a maximum of € 3,000. These benefits can be used for one or more courses.

Training costs From Up to Compensation
1st Scale € 0 € 1,000 100%
2nd Scale € 1,001 € 2,000 50%
3rd Scale € 2,000 € 8,000 25%

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