Are you working more than 30 hours a week in the freight transport or mobile cranes industry? And are you contributing to the SOOB development? Then you’re eligible for a € 1000 ,- or more for a training, education or course.

These are the requirements to apply for the education benefit

  • You have a fixed or temporary contract for at least 30 hours* a week
  • You’re contributing to SOOB (Check your payslip or ask your employer)
  • Your training is focused on your development in your work
  • Your course or training is helping you to more possibilities on the job market
  • You can’t apply for the education benefit if it concerns a training or course for your hobby
  • You can start when we approve your application
*) Do you have a contract for less than 30 hours a week? But are you working for a minimum of two years for your employer? Then you might be eligible for the education benefit. Contact us for more information!

Maybe you have used the benefit in 2019/2020 already. Not to worry! You can start a new course or training this year with new education benefits. Just for you. Maybe you can start a follow-up course or learn something new all over again!

Have all the info you need? 

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